VM Motori MD706 200CV 2.8 Marine Engine

This is the VM Motori MD704 2.8 litre that develops 200CV (197hp).  This is an incredible horse power figure for a 2 valve per cylinder diesel engine that does not rely on common rail fuel injection but it does rely on a conventionally electronically controlled fuel injection system consisting on a fuel injector pump and standard non electronic injectors.  It’s power to weight ratio is probably the best in it’s class and this being mainly due to it having aluminium cylinder heads.

VM Motori MD704 Marine Engine

The cylinder block is of ‘tunnel’ construction which gives the crank case and crankshaft assembly immense rigidity along with lightness due to the clever design.  This produces a high revving diesel engine and smooth running for a diesel is attributed to the fact that it has an integral balance shaft assembly.

Instant starting is provided by direct fuel injection and it requires no assistance from glow plugs or manifold heaters although glow plugs can be fitted as an option.

Hydraulic tappets and balanced connecting rods and pistons also contribute to smooth running and we think it is probably one of the most powerful and refined 4 cylinder turbo charged marine diesel engines.  A truly superb 4 cylinder diesel marine engine for the smaller craft.